ADHD? QbCheck test – find out if you have ADHD

Dr. Schaerfl offers expert computerized measurement of core ADHD behavioral symptoms, hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity, using QbCheck (Ages 6 – 60). QbCheck is FDA Cleared. (See tab “Information FAQ, What is QbCheck?”)

Is your child struggling at school? Reading, Math, Behavior, Social Problems?

Dr. Schaerfl offers expert individualized assessment. Find out the reasons for underachievement and the answers to your child’s success!

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assessment / ǝ 'sesmǝnt/ Noun
  • The process of evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, ability, needs, knowledge, attitudes, perspectives, beliefs, and/or other aspects affecting a person or situation that need definition, explanation, and understanding.

Assessment is essential to identifying appropriate and realistic goals and the means to reach them. Assessment is the foundation for planning, adapting, changing and identifying resources and supports towards reaching desired goals.

Caroline A. Schaerfl, Ph.D, M.Ed.

Clinical Psychologist

Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Psychological, Neurodevelopmental, Behavioral, and Educational assessments. Documentation, such as test results, interpretation, diagnosis, and recommendations are often required by school or workplace to qualify for accommodations, services, and interventions.
  • Psychological Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Therapy – Child, Adolescent, Adult

School & Learning:

  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Educational and Occupation-related functioning services (See Services Tab)
  • Parent Training & Coaching
  • School Advocacy; School Meetings; IEP & Section 504 consultation

How Dr. Schaerfl Can Help

My process is individualized, solution-focused, supportive, and down-to-earth. I use evidence-based psychological and educational assessment methods to identify interventions and therapies tailored to match each client’s needs. My goal is to help the individual better manage his or her day-to-day challenges by gaining skills for a lifetime.

The results of individualized science-based assessment together with my attention to each person’s personal story help to identify my client’s personal profile of abilities and strengths. This foundation information guides our work towards setting and reaching the client’s goals for positive adaptation.

If you, or someone you care about, need help to understand symptoms and behaviors and figure out what to do, I would like to meet you, learn what’s on your mind, and help you take the first steps towards improving your situation, reducing your distress, and living a more satisfactory life. I bring 25+ years of psychological and educational expertise to my practice. I work with clients of all ages.

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